Apart from running the above business we also have our very own event organizing company which is widely known for its expertise. Over the years, we are proud to have been behind several big corporate events, concerts and conferences which have helped us build a name in the events organizing sector.

Besides handling all that comes with hosting an event, we also provide catering services since we are already conversant in that sector. Our chefs together with our staff handle the food and beverage section to ensure we deliver and per our track record, we are proud of the services we provide.


Since we do run a restaurant to help people lose weight, we also have well-equipped gyms with trainers who are at the disposal of our customers and the public at large. At Gezond Snel Restaurant, we believe people can lose weight by eating healthy meals but can also get signed to gyms and work towards their goal of losing weight.

At our gyms, we have taken a different approach by first taking our members through an extensive session with a nutritionist before they can start their training sessions. Understanding what you eat first combined with the gym sessions goes a long way unlike taking you directly to do the exercises.

New program coming up

While running our business, we were also requested by a lot of our followers and customers to start a cooking show that will exclusively help them learn how to prepare meals are their homes. And due to our follower’s and customer’s demand, we have set the ball rolling to get a cooking show available on local media stations soon. For more information click here

CSR Project

Since we are in the restaurant business, we saw the need to try our level best and feed as many homeless people as possible. Through our employees and management, we do take time and our resources to feed the homeless people in our society. In addition to that, we also do call on our customers and public at large to donate anything be it clothes, toys among other things that they aren’t using.

Through them, we can clothe homeless people and put a smile on their face. We also support different charity organizations in different ways to ensure they meet their goals. We can either come in and finances some of the projects or reach out to our partners who would love to be part of the project you are running.